About Us.

DynaSig was created by Richard C. Kim, Ph.D. With more than 20 years’ experience, Dr. Kim has come to be known as an industry authority in signal/image processing, secure messaging, and 3D inspection. Witnessing first hand the threat crafty thieves posed to online security and privacy, he became impassioned to develop technology that would serve as the ultimate safeguard and that would meet the demands of today’s mobile society.

In 2004, DynaSig introduced a unique dynamic biometric signature device (the “Bio-Pen”). The technology received a Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation, and a U.S. Patent (7,433,499) for “Method and apparatus for capturing and authenticating biometric information from a writing instrument.”

Award 2007 and Patent
BioPen Patent

The Bio-Pen later received the Euro ID 2013 Award in the Category “Secure Identity.”

ID Award 2013
ID Award 2013

DynaSig is now seeking to develop the next-generation of software to make this important technology accessible to all mobile platforms and expand its functionality to address three core areas: secure messaging, document signing, and password storing.


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