Secure Message

Secure Messaging

How can you be sure that sensitive message is reaching the intended recipient? We’ve seen this happen time and time again – messages either inadvertently or purposely intercepted by the wrong person, and used by corporations to find and report data, or by individuals to do something malicious. DynaSig’s Secure Messaging will enable you to send or receive sensitive messages on your mobile device or PC, and rest assured the intended recipient is in fact the only person able to open the message. It does this by authenticating the recipient through signature verification before allowing them to even view the message.

Secure Message

Document Signing

DynaSig’s document signing differs from other signature platforms in that it actually verifies the person signing the document before they can actually access and sign it. Legal documents, medical reports, insurance agreements, company contracts, nondisclosure agreements, with DynaSig there is no longer the risk of someone forging another’s signature. Only the intended person is able to read, sign, and send back the document. All with the same ease of use other online signature platforms offer.

PW Vault

Password Vault

Store your passwords for your websites in a secure application. Unlike other similar applications, with DynaSig’s Password Vault you don’t run the risk of exposing all of your passwords should someone discovers your ‘master’ password. Your ‘master’ key is your own signature or drawing, which is completely unique and innate to you.